Our first norwich terrier litter is born!

So thrilled and excited! So long waited! Our first norwich terrier litter opened a new page in our breeding. We are so happy to get these two beautiful norwich babies!

Tarnica's Darlene made us proud again!

Last weekend in Johannesburg Tarnica's Darlene won again Best Puppy, Best of Breed and also third place in a puppy group! Thank you Susan Macnab for taking such a great care of Roxy!

We are very proud of our puppies!

Two puppies from our litter got an invitation for the best puppy all breed final competition in two different continents! Tarnica's Darlene in South Afrika and Tarnica's Dior in UK! It is a very big step for breed to get into such finals and to compete there! We are very grateful for the owners and all people involved!

Wir haben noch eine Welpe frei!

Unsere süsse mädchen mit dem Namen Desiree sucht ein zuhause. Unsere Welpen sind gepflegt, wohnen mit uns im Haus und unserem Garten. Beide Eltern sind gesund und haben die Prüfunge für Zucht bestanden.

Who is a PON? Why PON?

I grew up in a city with my dogs and had different breeds. One day during walks with the dogs I started to think that would be nice to have a a dog that would suit to a my life situation. As we know life changes all the time. In some periods of life we have plenty of time. Sometimes life is very busy. As I started Ph.D. Studies my life got busier. I wanted a dog that would not be nervous, that would be a family dog, that would be a good companion. My dear friend suddenly said PON! At that time there were no PONs in Lithuania. I started to speak to the people in the dog shows. In the end I went to Poland two times. Spoke to many people and looked at many dogs. All the time asking about the breed I heard the same 'great family dog'. Now our first PON soon will celebrate 10 years birthday. During that time happend a lot. We got two children, moved to a country side. All the time PON proved that he is a 'Great family dog'! Also our bred puppies comming to visit us and all love our children. Love this breed a lot because of its attitude. They love to work but will never be nervos. They love children but will be careful with them. So if somebody would ask my 'WHY PON?' I will say the same words that I heard 10 years ago 'BECAUSE PON IS A GREAT FAMILY DOG!'

Harrison and his best friend Tarnica's Charming Callista to Dorianblue or simply Astra.

We had special guests :)

Each time we have puppies we become a lot of visitors. Some visitors are very special as they are the children. It is nothing nicer to look at the puppies in children company and the children in puppy company! This is the best for both! It is like a therapy. They understand each other very good. It was just a perfect day for all.